Posted by: rmorrisey | March 10, 2007

Maximum Entry Age for Law Enforcement Rangers

Career Law Enforcement Park Rangers in the National Park Service are covered by a special 20-year retirement system known commonly as 6c retirement.

The maximum entry age for permanent law enforcement rangers is 37.  Retirement is mandatory at age 57.  So if you’re past age 37, your dream of a career as an NPS law enforcement ranger is not going to happen.  However, that age restriction doesn’t apply as strictly to temporary or seasonal law enforcement jobs.  As long as you’re at least 21 and haven’t passed your 57th birthday you should be OK.  The minimum age for any law enforcement ranger is 21.

Check out this brochure for more information about the 6c retirement system.



  1. OK, so I’m still confused. What’s the maximum age for seasonals LE Rangers? I will soon retire from my job and I want to return to the NPS. The Director’s Order that set the max age at 57 expired on March 1, 2003…

    • Hey Baddog — The directors order might have expired in 2003 but that doesn’t mean the age requirements have changed. It just means that the park service isn’t doing a good job of keeping their policies up to date.

      37 is still the maximum age for entry into a permanent law enforcement position with the park service and you have to retire before age 58.

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