Posted by: rmorrisey | March 27, 2007

Requirements for Entry Level Law Enforcement Park Rangers

When you read the National Park Service vacancy announcements for law enforcement park rangers (GS-05 and GS-07), the qualifications usually require successful completion of the Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program (SLETP), which makes one eligible for a Level II law enforcement commission (for more information about commissions, check out the NPS Law Enforcement Policy).

(SLETP) was first developed in 1977 to prepare the seasonal park ranger to perform basic law enforcement functions in the National Park Service. The training program is only offered at the nine schools across the country. The core required program consists of 334 class hours. Each program varies.

The Level II commission enables the bearer to carry firearms, make arrests, investigate violations of the Code of Federal Regulations and assist in the execution of warrants. They  do not authorize seasonal rangers to investigate felonious crimes. Some state and municipal law enforcement agencies also accept this training for commissioning purposes. However, the National Park Service does NOT recognize state or municipal law enforcement training programs.  SLETP is a requirement — no way around it.

After graduating from SLETP, you must also pass a background investigation, drug testing and medical screening before you’re commissioned.  Before you invest the time and money to attend SLETP, carefully review the NPS medical standards for commissioned rangers.  

And of course, there’s the age requirements I mentioned in an earlier post.

Educate yourself before you spend any money to get trained!! 




  1. I am currently a DCNR Ranger in Pennsylvania.
    I have my Act 120 clearance which in the state
    grants me full law enforcement capabilities.
    I attended a municipal police officer training.
    Does this credential, in any way, qualify me
    to work in the national park system?

    • Sorry, Amber. But I don’t think that your DCNR training will meet the requirements for the NPS. While it certainly rounds out your resume and may help you rank higher on hiring cert, you still need the NPS Law enforcement training.

  2. I graduated from my SLETP at Northern Arizona Univeristy in April of 2008. I worked in MO for the summer as a level II commissioned ranger for 3 14 weeks. When do i need to find out about taking the 40 hour refresher course? I am applying for 2009 summer jobs right now.

  3. I live in Las Vegas/Henderson, NV. Are you aware of any place here in Las Vegas or Henderson that I can get my Level I/II Certification to become a Park Ranger?

    Thank you,

  4. I am currently a border patrol agent would i still have to get The Level II commission

    • Hi Adam – My experience has been that the National Park Service doesn’t recognize law enforcement credentials from other federal agencies. So my answer is going to be yes, you’ll need to attend SLETP to get your Level II commission.

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