Posted by: rmorrisey | March 28, 2007

Goodbye, SEP. Hello, Campus Careers

Word on the street is that the National Park Service Seasonal Employment Program (SEP) website ( will be off-lined on March 30. 

The SEP was an easy way to apply for seasonal jobs on-line.  Maybe a little too easy.  Parks would get hundreds and hundreds of applicants for a single job.   Government regs require every single application to be printed out (yeah, like on paper), rated and ranked.  The process just got too cumbersome to manage I guess — not too mention how many trees had to pay with their lives to print out all those applications.  When are the feds going to get over the incredible paper chase?

Anyway, it seems that some parks — especially in the Midwest Region — are now using the Campus Career Center to recruit for students who are eligible for non-competive appointments through the Student Hiring Program.

Anyone have any experience using Campus Career Center? 

More to come on the Student Hiring Program . . .

UPDATE AS OF 12-13-2007:  It seems that the NPS has discontinued their contract with the Campus Career Center.

This is the latest news posted on the NPS website about seasonal hiring for 2008:

The National Park Service is gearing up for the 2008 summer seasonal recruitment program. Some of these positions will be advertised for the parks through the WASO-Human Resources Franchise Office (HRFO). 2008 summer seasonal positions advertised through the WASO-HRFO will use USAStaffing for the application process. Others positions will be advertised through the park or their respective Regional Offices. NPS is in the process of determining which positions the WASO-HRFO will recruit for.

All vacancies will continue to be announced through

Please check back for weekly updates on the 2008 summer seasonal recruitment program. For questions, please email us at



  1. I’ve used Campus Career Center and I think that it is a good way to find jobs, especially being a college student. The thing that sucks is that the search categories (ie. forestry, etc…) aren’t very extensive.

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