Posted by: rmorrisey | March 28, 2007

Living Rangerously — Worth Your Time

There are a lot of really interesting people in the National Park Service.  By interesting, I mean intelligent, cool, intriguing — a good interesting.  Not interesting in that “Yeah, that George sure is an interesting character.  Did you see him licking the chocolate stain on his tie?” kind of way.  Although, yes, now that I think about it — there are a few of those, too.

Mannie Gentile is one truly interesting (in a good way interesting) park ranger.  I don’t know him personally but I’ve been following his blog — Living Rangerously — for several weeks and am very impressed.  Besides being a park ranger at Antietam, he’s also a cartoonist, movie maker, educator and photographer.  Check out his photos of a recent snow storm at Antietam.


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