Posted by: rmorrisey | June 24, 2007

World Ranger Day Set for July 31st

The following press release recently appeared on the National Park Service website:

World Ranger Day Set For July 31st
For the first time this year, rangers around the globe will be celebrating World Ranger Day. The event will occur on Tuesday, July 31st, and will be held annually on that date thereafter.

World Ranger Day is an event that was conceived and advanced by the International Ranger Federation (IRF), a consortium of national and state ranger associations from countries around the world – from Korea to Scotland, from Argentina to Iceland, from South Africa to Canada. The member associations from the United States are the California State Park Rangers Association and the Association of National Park Rangers.

IRF was founded 15 years ago to support the work of rangers as the key protectors of parks and conservation areas throughout the world. Since then, it has been actively involved in training, communicating with, and supporting rangers worldwide.

At the 2006 IRF World Ranger Congress in Scotland, delegates decided that July 31st of each year, beginning in 2007, would be a day dedicated to rangers all around the globe. This first World Ranger Day will fall on the 15th anniversary of the founding of IRF in 1992.

Along with paying tribute to the work that rangers perform to protect the last vestiges of the earth’s natural and cultural heritage, World Ranger Day will also be a day to remember the many rangers who have been injured or killed in the line of duty. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, for instance, more than 100 rangers have been killed in the last decade while protecting Congo’s parks from poachers, rebel groups, illegal miners and land invasions.

This year’s inaugural celebration will center on the release of a new international ranger documentary entitled “The Thin Green Line” which was put together by Australian ranger Sean Willmore.

Willmore spent most of 2004 filming the lives and stories of rangers on six continents and in 19 countries. His trip included some incredible experiences – mountain gorilla protection in volatile Uganda, helicopter rescues in the Rockies, dangerous anti-poaching patrols and chases in South Africa and elsewhere, and violent threats by rebel soldiers, antagonistic poaching communities, and protesting fishermen. Willmore sold his car and remortgaged his house three times to make the film.

Information on “The Thin Green Line” and on obtaining a copy can be found at The film will be shown all over the world on July 31st. Events are already being planned in the U.S. at Golden Gate, Yosemite and in WASO. If you are going to hold an event, please send along particulars to for posting in a future edition of this publication.

For more on the International Ranger Federation, please go to . For copies of its quarterly newsletter, also known as “The Thin Green Line,” go to



  1. The World Ranger Day Screening of “The Thin Green Line” at King Gillette Ranch in Calabasas CA was attended by 80 people and we raised more than $1,000. Good Job Park Rangers If you know any Rangers that have not seen the documentary. Go to purchase the DVD and arrange a screening and raise some money to support your fellow Rangers and their families who are left behind when they make the ultimate sacrafice on the thin green line. If you are in the Los Angeles area and are interested and attending a future screening please contact me at


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